Thursday, December 25, 2014

Android JQuery Mobile , Introduction

 JQueryMobile (JQM)

(Mengenal Jquery Mobile Framework )

jQuery Mobile is built on top of the jQuery library, which makes it easy to learn if you already know jQuery.

It uses HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX to accomplish its work for laying out pages with minimal scripting.
Why Use jQuery Mobile?

jQuery Mobile takes the "write less, do more" to a new level: It automatically design web pages with an attractive and "easy-to-use" look, that will work the same way on all mobile devices.

Note     Instead of writing one application for each mobile device or OS:

    Android and Blackberry is written in Java

    iOS is written in Objective C

    Windows Phone is written in C# and .net, etc.

jQuery Mobile solves this problem, as it only uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which is standard for all mobile web browsers!

Best Reading Experience

Even though jQuery Mobile works on all mobile devices, it may have some compatibility issues on desktop computers (due to limited CSS3 support).


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