Sunday, February 1, 2015

Syllabuss Networking Essential ( LAN Configuration )

-    Identify procedures for swapping and configuring network interface cards.
-    Identify the ramifications of repairs on the network. Content should include reduced bandwidth, loss of data, network slowdown.
-    Identify the networking capabilities of DOS and Windows including procedures for connecting to the network. Identify concepts and capabilities relating to the Internet and basic procedures for setting up a system for Internet access.
-    Summarize the basics of networking fundamentals, including technologies, devices and protocols
-    Basics of configuring IP addressing and TCP/IP properties (DHCP, DNS)
-    Bandwidth and latency
-    Status indicators
-    Knowing Protocols (TCP/IP, NETBIOS and PORTS)
-    Basics of workgroups and domains
-    Introduction of LAN
-    Knowing Hub, switch and router

by Hery Purnama ( Freelance It Trainer )


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