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Syllabus CDMP Associate Exam Preparation Training

Hery Purnama 081223344506 is CDMP / DMBOK 2.0 Exam Preparation Trainer.

Syllabus Course Title: CDMP Associate Exam Preparation Training

Course Description: The CDMP Associate Exam Preparation Training is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding required to pass the CDMP Associate exam based on DMBOK 2.0. This course will cover the key domains and topics outlined in the DMBOK 2.0 curriculum, providing a comprehensive understanding of data management principles, practices, and techniques.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the concepts, principles, and practices of data management.

2. Apply techniques and methods in data management.

3. Implement data management policies and procedures.

4. Understand the role and responsibilities of a Data Management Professional.

5. Prepare effectively for the CDMP Associate exam and pass with confidence.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Data Management

Definition and concepts of data management

Objectives and benefits of data management

Role of a Data Management Professional

Module 2: Data Management Strategy

Relationship between organizational strategy and data management

Application of data management frameworks

Identifying business needs and prioritizing data

Module 3: Data Governance

Concepts and principles of data governance

Components and processes of data governance

Roles and responsibilities in data governance

Module 4: Data Modeling and Database Design

Conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling

Relational database design

Techniques for normalization and denormalization

Module 5: Data Quality Management

Definition and importance of data quality

Methods for measuring and improving data quality

Implementation of data quality policies and procedures

Module 6: Data Application Development

Data application development process

Planning and analyzing data requirements

Designing, implementing, and testing data applications

Module 7: Metadata Management

Definition and role of metadata in data management

Implementation of metadata management

Integration of metadata with other data management activities

Module 8: Data Security Management

Principles and practices of data security management

Data access and authorization management

Protection of personal data and privacy policies

Module 9: Data Management and Organizational Change

Impact of organizational change on data management

Managing data changes in an organizational context

Communication and stakeholder engagement in data-related changes

Module 10: Exam Preparation and Simulation Exercises

CDMP Associate exam format and requirements

Review of key topics and concepts

Practice exams and feedback

Please note that this syllabus can be customized based on specific training program requirements and the CDMP Associate DMBOK 2.0 curriculum. It is recommended to allocate additional time for practical exercises, group discussions, and real-life examples to enhance understanding and exam readiness.


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