Monday, March 16, 2015

Add SQL Server Jar Driver in Netbeans Service

How add SQL Server 2012 driver to Netbeans 8?

Go to Services window in Netbeans. List Drivers node. If on the list it isn't SQL JDBC driver you must download it.
Go to  website.
u02Click the Download button. Then click the exe file.
u04I download this file into jdbc folder.
Then you must any zip program unzip this file. Click the Browser button.
Set path for jdbc files. I set D isc.
Click the Unzip button. You see jdbc4.jar file in sqljdbc_4.0/enu folder.
Close unzip program, clicking the Close button.
u09In this step you may go to Services window. Right click the Drivers node and choose New Driver.
u10You see empty New JDBC Driver. Click the Add button.
u11Select downloading sqljdbc4.jar driver.
u12Click the Open button. In Name field write Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and click the OK button.
u13On the list of drivers you see SQL Server driver.


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