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Hery Purnama 081223344506 Is COBIT Trainer , COBIT 2019 Design And Implementation in Jakarta and Bandung


 COBIT®2019 Design & Implementation 

COBIT® 2019 is ISACA's framework for effective and strategic governance of information and technology (EGIT). Effective governance over information and technology is critical to business success, and this new release further cements COBIT’s continuing role as an important driver of innovation and business transformation.

This Design and Implementation course is intended for experienced users to COBIT who are interested in more advanced use of the framework, i.e. designing governance systems and running governance improvement programs. This course requires the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate to be successfully achieved. This two-day course is structured around the COBIT 2019 Design Guide and the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide.


At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be able to

Describe the key concepts of COBIT 2019 as taught in the COBIT Foundation course.

Describe the benefits of the COBIT 2019 Design Guide for its target audience.

Describe the current design factors in COBIT 2019.

Apply the design factor concept to identify relevant values.

Describe the impact design factors can have on the design of a governance system.

Describe the design workflow of a governance system.

Use the steps in the design workflow for governance systems.

Apply the design workflow to a concrete situation in order to obtain

a governance system design.

Describe and use the design guide toolkit in a concrete situation.


Use the mapping tables between design factors

and governance/management objectives pragmatically.

Describe purpose and scope of the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide.

Apply the implementation methodology and approach for a governance implementation program.

Combine the process from both the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide and the COBIT 2019 Design Guide to use in concrete situations.

Apply the objectives, descriptions and tasks of the seven implementation phases in concrete situations.

Apply the challenges, root causes and critical success factors of the

seven implementation phases to concrete situations.

Apply the key decision topics and related responsibilities for governance implementation to concrete situations.

The session COBIT® 2019 Design & Implementation (ISACA®) is aimed to any stakeholder with responsibilities for designing enterprise governance systems and implementing governance systems within their organization.

COBIT 2019 is intended namely for

Chief Executives

Business management

IT/IS auditors

Internal auditors

Information security and IT practitioners


IT service managers.

IT/IS management

Any stakeholder with responsibilities for the governance and management of information and technology

This course requires the COBIT 2019 Foundation Certificate to be successfully achieved.

The COBIT 2019 Design & Implementation training covers 7 modules:

1. COBIT 2019 Basic Concepts – 8%

2. Design Factors for a Governance System– 15%

3. Impact of Design Factors – 3%

4. The Governance System Design Workflow – 32%

5. Implementing and Optimizing I&T Governance Overview– 7%


6. Governance Implementation Lifecycle – 32%

7. Key Topics Decision Matrix -3%

2-day classroom excluding the certification exam.

Exam voucher can be purchased, allowing to take the remote-proctored exam online1 on the ISACA website.

Three hours (180 minutes) are foreseen to complete the closed book exam. Each multiple-choice question has four options with only one correct answer. A score of 65% or higher is required to pass the exam.


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