Thursday, January 25, 2018

What is PMBOK - Project Management Best Practice

PMBOK, or the full A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), is a book that contains a set of terms and guidelines for project management published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The first edition was published in 1996 and its fourth edition was December 31, 2008. The PMBOK guidelines divide the project into 42 processes grouped into 5 process groups and 9 knowledge areas.

The Topic include:
• Project Management Framework
o Introduction to the PMBOK
o Organizational Structures
o Project Management Roles
o Overview of Projects
• Project Integration Management
o Project Management Framework
o Project Integration Management Process
o Project Plan Development
o Project Manager Skills
o Project Charter
o Project Sponsors
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques
• Professional Responsibility (Ethics)
o Ensuring Integrity and Professionalism
o Project Management Knowledge Base
o Enhancing Individual Competence
o Balancing Stakeholder Interests
o Interactions with Team Members and Stakeholders
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Scope Management
o Project Scope Management Processes
o Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o Project Planning and Cost Controls
o Statement of Work (SOW)
o Customer Approvals and Reviews
o Scope Change Control
o Project Management Offices
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques
• Project Time Management
o Project Time Management Processes
o Activity List
o Project Network Diagram Methods
o Duration Estimating Methods
o Critical Path
o Pert
o Schedule Development
o Crashing
o Fast Tracking
o Resource Allocation and Leveling
o Slack / Float
o Variance Management and Earned Value
o Schedule Control
o Dependencies
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Cost Management
o Project Cost Management Processes
o Resource Requirements
o Cost Estimating Methods
o Cost Budgeting
o Types of Costs
o Budgets
o Contingency / Management Reserve Funds
o Earned Value Concepts
o Earned Value Analysis and Management Reporting
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Quality Management
o Project Quality Management Processes
o Overview of Quality Concepts
o Deming / Juran / Crosby
o Quality Planning / Assurance / Control
o ISO Standards
o PDCA Model
o Cost of Quality
o Quality Control Systems
o Statistical Process Control
o Flowcharting / Control Charts
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Human Resources Management
o Project Human resource Management Processes
o RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
o Motivational Theories
o Conflict Management Methods
o Types of Power
o Types of Organizational Structures
o Roles and Responsibilities
o Managing Change Techniques
o Performance Evaluations
o Leadership Styles and Assessments
o Project Team Building Exercise
o Project Manager Assessments
o Successful Skills Project Manager
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Communications Management
o Project Communications Management Processes
o Communications Model
o Types of Communication
o Project Manager Communications
o Effective Team Communications and Exercises
o Management Styles and Skills
o Documentation / Archives
o Performance Reporting
o Status and Functional Reporting
o Lessons Learned
o War Room Communications and Presentations
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Risk Management
Project Risk Management Processes
o Risk Defined
o Types of Risk
o Risk Factors
o Risk Identification
o Sources of Risk
o Risk Quantitative Analysis
Risk Qualitative Analysis
o Risk Response Strategies
o Prioritizing Risk
o Contingency Planning
o Workarounds
o Expected Value
o Decision Trees
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques

• Project Procurement Management
o Project Procurement Management Processes
o Make / Buy Decisions
o Elements of a Contract
o Contract Types
o Spectrum of Risk
o Contract Management
o Purchasing Cycle
o Acquisition Process
o Types of Specifications
o Negotiations
o Contract Administration
o Statement of Work / Contracts
o Proposals
o Templates
o Tools and Techniques


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