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What is Magento E-Commerce

What is magento ?
CMS Magento is an excellent platform for developing online stores. With modules and features that are very complete and flexible. Magento is created using a very reliable Zend framework so developers can develop their own modules, themes and extensions to complement existing feature features. There are two versions of magento namely Enterprise Edition (Paid) and Community Edition (Free)

·         Based on zend framework
·         Backend user interface nya menarik
·         Ada fitur cache
·         Ada fitur friendly url seo
·         Cocok untuk e-commerce skala besar
·         Pilihan bahasa Indonesia

Join in my class session to learn Magento :

Magento Overview
Magento installation
Magento MVC architecture
Magento  command-line configuration
The command-line utility
  Magento  Theme Development
The basic concepts of Magento themes 
Magento  theme structure 
The Magento Luma theme 
Magento theme inheritance 
CMS blocks and pages 
Custom variables 
Creating a basic Magento  theme 
Creating and declaring a theme 
Simple product image configuration 
Creating static files' directories 
Creating a theme logo 
Applying the theme 
  Creating a Responsive Magento  Theme 
CSS preprocessing with LESS 
Applying new CSS to the CompStore theme 
Creating the CompStore logo 
Applying the theme 
Customizing Magento  templates 
Developing the module 
Deploying the module 
Magento Connect 
Packaging and publishing your module 

Participants :  Web  Apps Developer , SEO Engineer , Web Developer,  public

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