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Syllabus Data Storytelling

Duration : 2 Days (09.00-16.00)


The unprecedented evolution and progress of technology in the recent past decades has led to the ease of capture and surge of storage capacity for data for everyone. With the saying that ‘data is the new oil’, we have witnessed organizations undergo transformation in their business models, new companies built on data platforms and the rise of various data products that has become part and parcel of our everyday life.

In light of all these head spinning developments there is one truth that needs to be remembered: data captured and stored but not processed is wasteful and useless. All the developments mentioned above became possible because data was made sense of- that is it was turned to information upon which insights were generated which were in turn used to drive better business-decision making, improve business operations or to craft new business strategies.

This course focuses on fundamental concepts and best practices for effective communication with data- something that sits between the crosshairs of science and art. It seeks to enable you to tell the story of your data and not just merely to show data. It is primarily designed for beginners in the field of business analytics or data science who quickly wants to learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate the insights they have discovered from a data exploratory analysis and be able to significantly contribute to the improvement or transformation of their respective organization.

What you'll learn

·         Draft the main message behind your data story

·         Utilize and conceptually construct the appropriate type of visualization for your data

·         Identify needed improvements and refinements on a visualization to make it more effective for communication

·         Smoothly and effectively convey the story behind your data


·         No Specific Requirement needed

Who this course is for:

·         Those with interest and beginners in business and data analytics

·         People in the field of business intelligence

·         Those who want to learn explanatory data analysis

·         People who want to learn data visualization

·         Those who want to brush up their skills in data storytelling

·         For executives and managers who wants to know what good visualization and storytelling is like but who are not mainly responsible or tasked to do it.


Course content


Contextualizing the Data Story  • 

·         What is Data Storytelling


·         Why Data Storytelling and Its Steps


·         Clarifying the Context


·         Clarifying the Context Exercise


·         Crafting Your Message


·         Storyboarding


·         Clarifying the Context and Crafting Your Message


·         Crafting Your Message and Storyboarding Exercise



Choosing the Visualization  • 


·         Introduction to Visualization and Its Key Components


·         Visualization Title, Cues, Coordinate Systems and Scales


·         Visualization Basics


·         Position as Visual Cue and the Scatterplot


·         Direction as Visual Cue and the Line Plot


·         Length as Visual Cue and the Bar Chart


·         Area as Visual Cue and the Pie Chart


·         A Guide for Choosing Your Data Visualization


·         Chart Types


·         Visualization Tips Things to Avoid and Remember


·         Choosing and Constructing a Visualization


·         From Your Message to Data Visualization



Decluttering a Visualization  • 


·         Tufte's Data-to-Ink Ratio


·         Undertsanding Clutter


·         Common Types of Visual Clutter


·         Gestalt's Principle of Visual Perception


·         Principles of Similarity, Proximity and Enclosure


·         Principles of Closure, Continuity and Connection


·         Clutter and Visual Perception


·         Visualization Improvement Exercise


Enhancing Your Visualization  • 


·         Design Concepts for Enhancement


·         Pre-attentive Processing


·         Pre-attentive Attributes Introduction


·         Position, Color and Size Attributes


·         Pre-attentive Attributes


·         Affordances Eliminating Distraction


·         Visualization Accessibility


·         Visualization Aesthetics


·         Other Design Concepts for Visualization Enhancement


·         Enhancing Visualization Exercise


·         Enhancing the Visualization for Your Data Story



Crafting the Data Story  • 


·         Story Structure and Storytelling Tips


·         Creating the Narrative Structure and Flow


·         Storytelling and Narrative


·         Crafting Your Data Story



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